Alex Blain

Space Real Estate Cottesloe

Cottesloe 2 Napoleon Street

Alex’s interest in real estate started as a teenager. After landing a day job in a prominent Perth law firm and delivering pizzas by night to save the pennies, he convinced the bank to let him purchase his first home in Mosman Park at the age of 18, for the princely sum of $122,000. Having always been a keen surfer, Alex then set himself the goal of relocating to Cottesloe so instead of riding his bike, he could walk to the beach! This goal was achieved at age 21. Alex’s employment took him on a new path although his passion for real estate investment continued. During the next 15 year period whilst working and travelling extensively, he bought, bowled, built, renovated and refreshed 24 different properties both North and South of the river in Perth and in the South West of WA. 

Alex has a number of business and technical qualifications including a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Western Australia, where he also completed his undergraduate studies. He was a senior executive in one of Australia’s best performing ASX listed companies and was promoted to CEO of a division of the same parent company, responsible for 250 employees over two sites. In 2005, Alex founded an innovative internet business which was later acquired by a larger competitor, enabling Alex to solely focus his time on his first passion of real estate, at Space.

Having worked closely with numerous luxury brands, Alex intimately understands the importance of property presentation and its impact on price. His bottom line focus, expertise in digital marketing, global experience in sales and understanding of cultural nuances are skills that ensure his clients achieve the best possible outcomes for their real estate investments.